Understanding Anxiety and Depression Workshop


This informal and relaxed workshop is open to anyone wanting to understand anxiety and depression: you may be struggling yourself; you may be caring for someone who is; or you may just want to educate yourself on this topic which currently affects 1:4 people in the UK.

The main aim of the workshop is to make you aware of the symptoms of anxiety which untreated can lead to depression, the cycle of depression, where intervention points are and some super tools for you to experiment with.  

This FREE Workshop is on 15th August 6-8pm for tickets click here

Break Free from Anxiety & Depression .... get well, stay well

Building on the information from the workshop

this 6 week course has a focus on implementing strategies for reducing anxiety, changing negative thinking styles and finding your way forward.  There are 6 places available on each group course or you can book 1:1 sessions.  


Please use the contact page on this website for more information or phone 07777 699 503

Freedom Finders Community 

Now that you have an understanding of how anxiety and depression work, tools, techniques, and strategies for moving forward .... our monthly meet up is here to keep you on track.  Our club leaders are dedicated to your success! We are also here for you if the going gets tough.  The monthly club is just the start of a host of community projects kicking off in 2018.  Please use the contact page on this website for more information.